August 9-21, 2017

New Zealand Tour
Auckland and Wellington

Lectures and workshops on Vocal Psychotherapy,
Use of Countertransference, Working with Trauma

September 22-24 2017

Conference: Your Inner Music
University of Virginia
Richmond, Virginia

Inner and Outer Music: Songs of the Self

October 14, 2017

The Expressive Arts Summit
New York City, New York

Breathing, Sounding and Singing : Introduction to Vocal Psychotherapy

October 18th, 2017

Conference on Music and Vocal Psychotherapy
Shanghai, China

Keynote Speaker: Vocal Psychotherapy: A New Voice-based Model of Music Therapy

October 19-24

Experiential workshops in sounding, moving and singing.

October 25th

Vocal Holding and Free Associative Singing

November 16-19, 2017

The AMTA conference
St. Louis, Missouri
CMTE: Introduction to Vocal Psychotherapy: A New Model

Interviews for London Distance Training Program
In Vocal Psychotherapy

Program will begin in July 2018
Or Tina Warnock

December 26-January 2nd, 2018

Korean Distance Training Program
Nordoff and Robbins Musiking
Seoul, Korea

March10th, 2018

Arts-Based Research Symposium
Suny New Paltz College
New Paltz, New York

Playing with Research

May, 4th 2018

A Day with Vocal Psychotherapy
Molloy College
Long Island, New York

All day workshop in Vocal Psychotherapy

July 23-29th, 2018

International Training Program in Vocal Psychotherapy
1st module
London, England

October12-14th 2018

Quebec Association Conference

October 15th, 2018

Concordia University

Vocal Psychotherapy Lecture and Workshop