The Music Psychotherapy Center

The center was founded in 2003 by Diane Austin to further advance ideas and techniques she developed in her clinical work and research. Austin’s method of music psychotherapy combines theories and ideas from depth psychology with the practice of music therapy emphasizing voice work.

The Music Psychotherapy Center offers Music Psychotherapy and Vocal Psychotherapy, supervision and training. The Center also offers moderate fee therapy from licensed, experienced music therapists most of whom have completed Austin’s advanced training program in Vocal Psychotherapy.

Voices, Nordic Journal of Music Therapy
“An interview with Diane Austin”
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The Advanced Training Program in Vocal Psychotherapy

This post masters, experiential and didactic training program provides the tools necessary for music therapists to work in-depth, with the voice as the primary instrument. The program offers a foundation for the growing number of music therapists who wish to work in private practice with adolescents and adults.

The advanced training program in vocal psychotherapy is a two year, certificate course that meets weekly for nine months each year. Students learn more about Austin’s techniques including Vocal Holding © and Free Associative Singing ©, as well as psychodynamic concepts, including transference, counter-transference, resistance, vocal and verbal interventions and group process, while working on personal growth and supervision issues.

Each training group is limited to eight people and offers 72 CMTE credits a year as well as a potential for client referrals.

A masters degree in music therapy as well as an interview with Diane Austin are required for admission.

Phone: 212-947-7111


Distance Training in Vocal Psychotherapy

Two distance training programs in Vocal Psychotherapy have been established to fill the needs of therapists unable to come to New York. One is based in Seoul, Korea, the other in Vancouver, British Columbia.